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StavEssence is a small, family, creative studio built on its passion for music and vision of running a business that brings satisfaction to others. We believe there’s nothing better than spending time doing what you love.

StavEssence is the quintessence of the company owner’s experience, gained over years of designing and manufacturing audio equipment for himself, his friends and extremely demanding audiophiles.

Today, we operate a business that consists of manufacturing individual audio system components. Each product is tailor-made and hand-crafted, with singular care and attention to detail. We focus on audio properties, but also play around with design. In a world that is dominated by plastic, we turn towards nature: utilising gold, copper, cotton, hard-wax oil and several types of wood.

StavEssence merges practice, skills and passion for listening to music for pleasure. Everything revolves around the need to achieve a unique quality of sound and a constant search of hidden aspects of music – to hear previously unheard. We believe we deliver mature products, developed after numerous playback tests.

Despite our engineering background (electrical energy conversion and use, electromagnetic compatibility) and access to professional measuring instruments, we do not believe that highfidelity sound can be achieved with just laboratory measurements and calibration.

Technical parameters often prove insufficient in measuring the living tissue of sound. During playback, we look for tone that is natural, yet musical. We are led by our own intuition and impressions, but also consider the opinions of other music aficionados.

You will be surprised how a single meter of our digital cable can change musicality of your audio system. This new experience will encourage you to spend more time than ever on pleasure of listening to music. So prepare to rediscover your cherished music library anew. Take the opportunity to find out what we have achieved, what brings us joy and turns us on.

We hope that we can convince you to choose our company and test out our solutions.

StavEssence - Karol Stavorko - owner

Every StavEssence cable is a truly original project, not to mention our very own precision engineered composition.
It is a unique arrangement of electrical conductors and insulators, encased in a distinctive design that is second to none.

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Our Audio Cables are recommended to connect with all LampizatOr DACs (Golden Gate, BIG7, BIG5,…) and music servers.


Our cables (LAN & USB) for digital transmission are fully recommended to connect with Lucas Audio Lab music servers.


I have Destination Audio horn speakers in my home for years. They are the best speakers I’ve ever heard in my life. I highly recommend them.

I met wonderful people from 6moons. We try to be the some enthusiasts of listening to music as they are.